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3D Bottom Fed RDA Clone

Product description

The 3D Atomizer is such a unique atomizer that different with any other dripping atomizer on the market. Tired of having to drip frequently when vaping?  The 2ml capacity tank of the 3D atomizer will supply enough ejuice to the wick when you press the top cap. The original creator of 3D Atomizer is Atmomixani, here comes the high quality clone version.

The 3D atomizer is designed with tripple SS posts and a auto dripping tank system. It offers all the benefits of normal RDAs, you can build single or dual coil with 3D just like any other rebuildable atomizers. But you don't need to manually drip and feed the wick with e-liquid every time when the eliquid runs out. The built-in 2ml tank allows you keep more ejuice in it. Everytime when the wick is dry, just press the top cap, and the eliquid in the tank will leak through the hole and feed the wick.  The adjustable airflow ring is designed ready for the single or dual coil builds for best vaping experience.

There's more, the 3D atomizer is also designed with a 510 / hybrid adapter, which makes it compatible with all 510 threaded mods or just work on the Nemesis as an hybrid mod.

Features of 3D Atomizer:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 3 Posts for Single or dual coil setups
  • Unique auto-drip system
  • Adjustable air flow ring
  • Hybrid connector pin for Nemesis mod
  • Silver plated contacts
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