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Authentic El Cabron RDA by CompVape

Product description

The Authentic El Cabron RDA is the most complete RDA ever made.
Designed in the U.S.A., Compvape took everything into account when putting this package together.

Designed specifically for Competition Winning Clouds, Outstanding Flavor, & every day, all day vaping, the El Cabron Slick accomplishes everything we always wanted in an RDA. From it's 3 drip tip options, top and bottom heat sinks, large posts and post holes it just screams power.

An exceptional design, made to last with 3 extra replacable PEEK insulators, 2 replacable center posts, one made of solid copper & the other silver plated stanless steel. It even has a nice deep drip well that rings in at 7mm deep.

That means less dripping and more stage clouds. When the others are pulling dry hits, the El Cabron will be winning the cash.

In Other Words: "The Best Rebuidable Dripping Atomizer Ever Made".

The El Cabrón Slick RDA Is The Most Complete RDA To Date With Lots Of Extras Including:

  • 2 Center Posts Included 
    (1 Solid Copper & 1 Silver Plated Lead Free Brass) Updated
  • 2 Contact Pins Included 
    (1 Solid Copper & 1 Silver Plated Lead Free Brass) Updated
  • 3 Extra Replaceable Center Post Insulators (PEEK Material)
  • 1 Mega Comp Drip Top SS
  • 1 Extra Cap Fits Black Comp Drip Tip & Adapter
  • Black Comp & Standard SS Drip Tip Included
  • Extra O-Rings, Set screws, & Allen Wrench
  • El Cabrón RDA Gift bo
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