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Authentic Lethal RDA by Vape Jam

Product description

The Lethal RDA by Vape Jam comes with all 3 coloured AFC rings and includes two options for your drip tip preference. You can use the ultra-wide bore chuff cap that is included with the Lethal RDA, or you can use your favourite 510 drip tip when you use the standard option top cap.


  • Made in 304 stainless steel food grade
  • Tri-pole
  • Airflow Control
  • Solid Negative poles
  • 5.5mm poles
  • 2.5mm positive and negative holes
  • Peek Insulator
  • Deeper juice chamber/wall
  • Single or cyclone option. and dual 1.5mm holes
  • 22mm diameter
  • Copper Positive Pins ( silver plated) 
  • laser engraved
  • 3 ring afc included ( copper. brass and stainless) 
  • Separate top caps ( wide bore or 510)
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