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Bambino RDA Clone

Product description

The original Bambino Atty clone comes from the makers of the Tobh Atty and it's sure to please all the flavor chasers out there who also want a small stealthy vape. The Bambino Atty looks to be one of the smallest rebuildable dripping atomizers you can get but it still has a build deck that's easy to work with, plus the juice well isn't too shabby either! The only downside to the Bambino Atty that I can see is that there is no adjustable airflow control so this is not for those who want a tighter draw. So, if your'e the type of vaper that needs maximum flavor and prefers an airy draw at all times, then you're going to love this Bambino Atty mini RDA.


  • Drip tip cap
  • 6 air holes
  • Triple posts design
  • Posts material: Stainless steel
  • 510 threading connection (copper center pin, adjustable)
  • 22mm overall diameter
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