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Big Dripper RDA Clone

Product description

The Big Dripper RDTA: Rebuilable Dripping Tank Atomizer is a revolutionary new type of atomizer just like our Ecigator TANK RDA, which has combined a RDA and RTA together. Finally, an Original Chinese atomizer from Ecigator has inspired those famous RDA makers, and here we clone it back, and we are still working on the TANK RDA to make it better. The creator of Big Dripper is Sub Ohm Innovations, here comes the high quality clone version.

The Big Dripper give you everything you could want from a rebuildable dripping atomizer - 3 posts designed for single or dual coil builds, deep juice well to hold more juice, adjustable airflow control system, reduced chamber helps keep flavor clean, copper pin for best electric conductivity, but there's more.

It features a 5ml tank on top of the deck which can provide ejuice to the wick and wire - simply press down on the drip tip and automatically drip the eliquid you filled in the tank directly on to your wick!  No more pulling top caps and dripping constantly, just press the drip tip when wicks running dry. Press dripping and keep vaping, the The Big Dripper RDTA will change the vaping game.

Features of the Big Dripper RDTA: 

  • Stainless Steel Constructure
  • Reduced Chamber to keep flavor clean
  • Self-Dripping RDA
  • 5ml juice capacity
  • Airflow Control System
  • Copper contact pin
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