4 years ago
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Hi all I'm Tom I have been a smoker for 40 years and have just picked up my first vape starter kit from Edmond vapes.  Not much to tell about my self other than I'm a cop of 20 plus years that needed to quit smoking.  So far this has brought the pleasure of smoking back for me and has helped me kick the butts.  I have had no withdrawal symptoms like the weight gain, freaky dreams or temper flair ups that can usually occur with quitting butts this is due to a a cool little all natural supplement called Plexus that the wife and I not only use but distribute.  If you want check out her page at http://suziebuskey.myplexusopportunity.com  or hit me up here.  This stuff like vaping works and does not kill your body like others do.  Ok I am off my soap box now so any tips you all can give me go for it I am open to what works.