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Bottle Tank

Product description

Small glass bottle?  Yes, you can believe your eyes! 

It's a NEW GENERATION of atomizer from Ecigator, absolutely unique! DIFFERENT FROM ALL cartomizers or atomizers or clearomizers in the world till now!

The name is Pyrex BottleTank!  Let me grandy introduce our new cartomizer to you.

Pyrex BottleTank is consit of 1 small pyrex glass bottle inside, a bottom coil, metal bottom base, PC outer tube with metal driptip.

Bottle tank

Very good performance, huge vapor!

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How to Refill Bottle Tank

Screw out the bottom part of the cartomizer, and take out the pyrex bottle, fill the e-liquid, the bottle neck is  large and it's very easy and simple to fill the e-liquid. The bottle capacity is 1.5ml approx.

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