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Crown RDA Clone

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Product description

The Crown RDA Clone is one of most stylish rebuildable dripping atomizer featuring a removeable crown-like design adjustadble airflow controlling sleeve. The original Crown RDA Clone is developed by Yeahsmo, here comes the clone version made in China. There are 3 colors of sleeves available: Stainless Steel, Brass (gold), Copper, so you can choose different color to match your exsiting mechanical mod.

The Crown RDA Clone is a 21mm diameter with solid tripple posts design that will allow easy single and dual coil builds and produces massive vapor without sacrificing the flavor.  The holes on the posts are nice and big, perfect for using thick kanthal, twisted wire, flat ribbon wire. And also it has a nice deep drip well that allow you to keep more ejuice without worring about leaks.

There are 4 different sized air flow holes on the outer sleeve: 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm or 2.5mm for you too choose from to meet your builds and vapor demands. The 17mm inner chamber diameter is enough to accommodate single or dual coil builds.

Features of Crown Atomizer:

  • 2 Adjustable Airflow Holes
  • 4 Different Air holes
  • Easy Twist-On Airflow Control
  • Deeper Juice well for over dripping
  • Easy snap on top cap
  • Changeable Crown sleeve to match mods
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