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DCT Ultra V2

Product description

The Alter eGo Dual Coils Tank (510-DCT V2) is a combination of a dual coil SmokTech cartomizer with a tank that surrounds it keeping the cartomizer full.

This has the advantages of both a dual coil cartomizer and the capacity of a large tank.  This is a smaller version of the 510-DCT that holds 3.5ml of e-liquid

First you fill the cartomizer and then you fill the tank around it. The tank on the 510-DCT v2 can hold up to 3.5ml or liquid (although you will only get about 2.5ml into the tank when filling).

The cartomizer has a small hole punched in the bottom of it that allows the tank to continually refill the cartomizer so you always get a rich full vapor with full flavor

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