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Geyser RDA Clone

Quick overview Geyser RDA is a unique RDA that features 4 bottom cyclops air holes located on the deck.
Product description

Geyser RDA is a unique RDA that features 4 bottom cyclop airholes located on the deck. It is designed with 4 posts (2 positive and 2 negative) to handle single, dual, tri coil and quad coil build. The original creator of Geyser RDA is the Dark Ronin Modz, here comes the high quality clone version made in China. It has everything you wanted from the original one.

The Geyser RDA features a ingenious juice guide design. The highly heat resistant teflon piece in the middle of the 4 posts will distribute the juice equally to four coils. So you can get very smooth and more flavorful vape.

The 4 posts that have 2.5mm holes is ready for variable wire choice, such as thicker wires and flat wires. And the three position air flow system designed on the bottom base can be adjusted for your different coil setup. It requires no o-ring on the top cap or base as they are threaded to reduce required maintenance and replacement parts.

Features of Geyser RDA

  • 22mm diameter
  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • Designed for easy quad coils
  • 4 direct airholes
  • Ingenious juice guide design
  • No o-ring anymore
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