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Ithaka RDA Clone

Product description

Ithaka Atomizer -  The best Adjustable and RDA in the world. 

The newest RDA with integrated tank system, adjustable liquid feeding control and unlike its predecessors, it has an integrated airflow control system (510 connector base mode), GGTS base and many other features. It works best with GGTS, but will look great on any 18XXX battery PV. 

Features of Ithaka Atomizer:

  • Adjustable and RDA
  • Adjustable basic liquid control
  • Adjustable advanced liquid control
  • Auto adjusteble connector center pin (made of new brass alloy)
  • Integrated GGTS base & 510 connector base
  • Integrated airflow control with 510 connector base
  • Integrated clear tank section (ss section available)
  • Single or double coil ready
  • 23mm external diameter
Additional information
Manufacturer: Ecigator