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Kayfun4 RBA Atomizer

Quick overview Rebuildable Ecigarette Atomizer
Product description

SvoëMesto has completely redesigned the world renowned Kayfun atomizer and incorporated many of the features customers have asked for.  Each Kayfun V4 is manufactured from medical grade 316L stainless steel and comes with 3 tank options: one glass tank, one makrolon tank and one steel tank.  Filling is easier than ever by simply unscrewing the drip tip adapter on the top cap which requires no tools.  

The Kayfun V4 is equipped with liquid flow control built into each atomizer.  This makes it possible to access the deck without having to drain the tank, and also gives users the option to shut off liquid transfer to the deck to prevent leaks when not in use.  The air flow on the V4 has also been improved to provide enhanced vapor production.  Each Kayfun V4 deck has 4 coil screws for dual coil builds or can be used as an additional attachment for single coil builds.
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