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Mephisto RDA Clone

Product description

The Mephisto RDA Clone features massive post holes that can easily accommodate quad 20 gauge coils or ribbon wire, twisted wire. And the massive flat head screws on the posts make it very easy to tighten them down and secure your coils.  So if you are looking for slight improvements on rebuildables, the Mephisto RDA Clone is a good choice. 

The original version is created by El Diablo, here comes the clone version made in China. There are 4 colors of AFC rings available: Stainless Steel / Black / Brass / Copper.

It also a perfect solution for those builds that demand big ariflow since there is a large dual cyclops air holes on the body. The contacts is silver plated for minimum voltage drop, and the center post surrounded by a high heat delrin insulator which can keep your drip tip cool. The 4mm deep drip well can keep ample amount of liquid consumption with your build configuration. 

Features of Mephisto RDA Clone:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Silver Plated Contacts
  • 3mm Post Holes
  • Large Surface Flat head Screws
  • 4mm Deep Drip Well
  • Dual airflow channels
  • Welded Negative Posts to Increase Durability
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