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Here at HeavyVape, we offer our customers a choice between authentic devices that we get direct from the manufacturers, and, when available, high quality clones.

What differentiates our clones from the ones you can buy at a cheaper price on the internet?   The answer is materials and workmanship, period.   The problem you will find with most clones on the market, is that even though they might look like the original that inspired them, they don’t work the same, because they haven’t made their clones function like the originals.

Our mechanical mods consist of gold and silver plated contacts and firing pins for maximum conductivity.   These brass and copper contacts that are silver and gold plated isn’t where the quality difference stops.   To a seasoned vaper, superior machining is also a key component, when screwing the body together, you don’t get the ridged and sometimes crunchy sound when preparing your mod to start making clouds. Our mods fit together perfectly, and we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.   If for some reason you are unhappy with the way your mechanical mod from Heavy Vape functions or fits together, we will happily refund your money.