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Mutation X V2 RDA Clone

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Quick overview Mutation x v2 18 holes Dual negative poles - built into base Copper contact pin Matching Wide-bore Driptip
Product description

Mutation X is back and better than ever. The Mutation X V2 is an all new RDA comes with two wire terminators design on the center post for easy quad coil builds, and a wide bore drip tip for the large ariflow. It has all the same great features as the the original version. The creator of Mutation X is Indulgence from USA, here comes the high quality clone version made in China.

The Mutation X RDA impressed the vapers with it's 18 air holes design for tons of airflow! The new vortex pattern airflow adjustment is really cool design among it's competitions, which allows you to blow clouds or just for flavor chasing. The Mutation X V2 also comes with a wide bore drip tip to meet your airflow demonds.

The redesigned center post of the Mutation X V2 allows for easy dual coil or quad coil builds, while the two negative posts are into in to the deck. The Heat-sink fins top cap will keep it cool while you're vaping.

Features of Mutation X V2:

22mm diameter
18 adjustable airholes
Two terminators on positive post
Heat-sink fins top cap
Wide bore drip tip
Large Juice Well

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