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Nimbus RDA Clone

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Product description

The Nimbus Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is first RDA which has the "Spit Back Protection", so you won't get a flooding juice taste in your mouth when your atomizer gets "flooded" by your ejuice. The "Spit Back Protection" can also act as a flavor booster because of the hole size inside the drip tip hole. It concentrates the vapor from the wick to your taste buds or mouth so that you taste your juice better. The creator of Nimbus RDA Clone is JPGE from Philippine, here comes the high quality clone version made in China.

The Nimbus RDA Clone has a three post deck that gives you the ability to build a sing, dual, triple or quad coil. There are two 1mm air holes on the opposite of the top cap that allow plenty of airflow to your builds for great throat-hit. You can also drill out big air holes on it for your builds. This is a quality device allowing for a lot of vapour and great flavor.

There are two insulator included in the Nimbus RDA Clone, the top is a soft insulator and acts as a warning, if it gets bloated that means you are torching your nimbus directly to the insulator. The bottom insulator is made out of PA66, it’s placement and level of heat resistance makes it near impossible to damage this heavy duty rebuildable dripper tank. 

Features of Nimbus Atomizer

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Spit Back Protection
  • Two 1 mm size air hole
  • 3 posts for easy builds
Additional information
Manufacturer: Ecigator