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Patriot 26650 RDA Clone

Product description

30mm outer diameter with the same great 22mm inner diameter.  Perfect for your flat top 26650 mods. High volume tank equals higher air flow for larger vapor clouds; more room for wick equals more juice for more hits.  

Precisely sized vapor ports allow laminar flow for a clean steady pull with no turbulence in the vape stream  Zero resistance press fit terminal posts keep the power constant on every hit. Unique dynamic quad ring seal keeps any extra juice inside the tank 

Through hole terminal design guarantees positive multi-point electrical contact to deliver maximum current to the coils. Precision machined components from the highest grade 303 stainless steel ensure exact fits for consistent, even current draw to coils Dual o-ring design adds mechanical stability to tank and drip tip while keeping the air stream on the coils where you want it to maximize the vape. 

Unique heat sink fin gives it that custom look and design and also removes up to 50% more heat during a chain vape. 30mm stainless steel cap with 22mm deck and 24K Gold Plated Center Post in base.

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