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Patriot Rebuildable Atomizer

Product description

Patriot RDA -  the first rebuildable dripping atomizer with Heat Sink top cap design which acts as a cooling system to easily disperse heat.  Measures 22mm for a flush look on most mods.  as well as the deep juice well and big logo laser etched on the cap. The creator of Patriot Atomizer is Innovape, here comes the high quality clone version made in China.

The Patriot Atomizer is made of precision machined stainless steel  for consistent and laminar airflow to the coils. The highq volume tank can hold higher airflow for larger vapor clouds. The deep juice well can hold more juice for more hits. The Patriot RBA Brushed Stainless Steel has a dynamic quad ring seal to prevent leaking. If you want clouds and great taste with a huge drip well? This is the all time best dripping atomizer ever. 

The Patriot Atomizer comes with 3 posts for easy single coil or dual coil builds. You can also build your quad coils with it if you are expert on this. The zero resistance press fit terminal posts keep the power constant on every hit, and the through hole terminal design guarantees positive multi-point electrical contact to deliver maximum power to the coils. 

Features of Patriot Atomizer:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 2 pre-drilled air hole
  • Large workable area for wick configurations
  • Coolin fins on top cap for heat dissipation
  • Laser engraved logos
Additional information
Manufacturer: Ecigator