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Plume Veil Atomizer RDA Clone

Quick overview Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
Product description

Plume Veil Style RDA - one of the most innovative rebuildable dripping atomizers is now available for retail and wholesale.

The Plume Veil RDA is designed with three separate airflow sources, they are: 

  • 1:  Air holes in front of the coil with Air Flow Control. 
  • 2.  Air holes through negative posts to bring air to back side of coil. 
  • 3.  Air holes located on top of cap to create a vacuum effect.

All advantages in one RDA, the plume veil is everything you could aks for when it comes to performance and flaor delivery.  The negative posts are milled into the deck, with gold plated contact pin for superior performance.  The "T" style center post can be rotated to accommodate a multitude of different builds.  And the holes on the posts are large enough to accommodate 4 strands of 22 gauge Kanthal wire.  And more, the high heat delrin insulator surrounding the drip tip attached on the top cap allows it to withstand high temperatures.

Features of Plume Veil RDA:

  • 22mm diameter working for most of mods
  • Dual, single or quad coil compatible
  • Three separate airflow sources
  • Deep juice well
  • Delrin insulator
  • Gold plated base and negative posts
  • Matching Plume Veil drip tip included


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