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Tobh RDA Clone

Product description

Tobh Atty V2 - was the most popular RDA on the vaping market.  It's everything when comes to fashion design, easy bulding, flavor delivering, and big vapor producing. The original creator of Tobh Atty Atomizer is Tobh Mods, here comes the high quality clone version made in China. There are several colors available: Stainless Steel, Black, Brass and Copper.  Same as many other RDA clones,  they sell very fast, get them before they've gone. By the way, there're many many other latest mechanical MOD clone and RDA atty clones are available now. 

The innovative aireflow control system provides different levels of airflow draw for your builds. While the most unique of the Atty is the active and functional Heat Sink top cap which allows to keep the heat where you want - only on your coil, and provide a cooler vaping experience, so you will not feel too hot for huge cloud. 

The Tobh Atty Atomizer consisting of 3 pieces: Deck, AFC Ring, Top Cap, this efficient design allows you to drio directly onto the coils without disturbing your airflow setting.  And the copper contact pin will minimizer the voltage drop to better vapor producing. 

Features of Tobh Atty Atomizer:

  • Heat Sink Function Top Cap
  • Copper Contact Pin
  • Adjustable Air Flow Control
  • Laser Engraved Logos
  • Individualized Serial Number
  • 22mm Diameter
Additional information
Manufacturer: Ecigator