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Vamo v7 Mod by

Quick overview Vamo Version 7 variable voltage, variable wattage mod 35 watt.
Product description

It's been several years for the Vamo as the most popular cost-effective variable voltage / wattage mod on the market.  From the first version to Vamo V5, we're so honored to tell every customers that ecigator always insist on improve  the Vamo seris.  Here we bring you the newest Vamo 25W and Vamo 35W to meet the demands of all heavy vapers.

Still a simple tube mod but with better design to make it more high-end. Don't worry, they are still the affordable Vamo mods. The new chip can work with 0.2 - 3ohm resistance, and the wattage can go up to 25W / 35W. Choose 25W if you are the tank atomizer fans and choose 35W if you are RDA fans.

We have removed the function of Variable Voltage, cos the wattage is the REAL KING/KEY of clouds. Also we have simplified operation of the device. The chip can automatically detect the resistance of atomizer. When you click the fire button, the resistance of atomizer, output voltage, working wattage, battery life, and puff counts will display on the OLED screen, so everything is under your control. 

Now you can lock your setting with the new solution, just click the 2 small buttons together for 5 seconds, and lock your settings, and unlock it with the same way. The original brand high drain 18650 battery is required for the mod if you run the high wattage, or the system will shut down automatically when you click the fire button. 

Specification of Vamo 25W and Vamo 35W:

    • Adjustable Wattage: 7-25 / 35W
    • Working Resistance: 0.2-3ohm
    • Working Battery: High Drain 18650 battery
    • OLED Screen Display: resistance, output voltage, working wattage, puff counts
    • Protection: Overload protection, over - temperature protection, anti - access protection, circuit protection.
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