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ViVi Nova Version 5 E-Cigarette Clearomizer Kit

Product description
  •  Vivi Nova V5 tank Kit. These window tank atomizers come with one 1.8 Ohm long wick head pre-installed, 2.4 and a 2.8 ohm long wick heads
  • The Vivi Nova V5 tank produces amazing flavor and great vapor. It features a metal sleeve with a window on the side to display the remaining amount of eliquid and holds 3.5ml of liquid.
  • Refilling the Vivi Nova is simple. Unscrew the top cap and insert your bottle tip into the clearomizer between the tank body and the atomizer surround and fill. Theatomizer coil features a rubber seal to provide a spill resistant vaping solution.Atomizer heads are replaceable and are available in different resistances.
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