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Variable voltage and wattage models are favorites of advanced users who want to fine tune their device for optimum taste and vapor production.

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Authentic God 180 Mod by SMY

5W-180W Box Mod Special Price Online Only

Vamo v7 Mod by

Vamo Version 7 variable voltage, variable wattage mod 35 watt.

Xman 35 watt mod

Xman variable wattage mod 26650

GNA50 Pro Box Mod

GNA50W pro, mini size. 7 colors optional, Red, black, blue, Pink, Purple, Silver, Green. 5 protections Output Wattage: 5.0W - 15W Working Resistance: 0.2 Ohm - 3.3 Ohm

Vamo v5 Mod

Vamo V5 = Vamo V3 PCB + V2 Body + V3 Top Ring

Vamo v6 Mod

Vamo Version 6 variable voltage, variable wattage mod.